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2021 OSU Travel Reference Sheet for Non-Employees - effective 7/1/21-12/31/21. OSU Travel Policy - 03-140-401. Forms. Travel & Purchasing - Using Concur Links below are provided as a courtesy for the School of Psychological Science. You can find more information regarding travel and purchasing through OSU's Travel & Expense website.Booking Trips Using Concur Travel. You can book airfare, rental car, and hotel during the same search. To only book one detail of the trip – such as airfare – use the corresponding tabs along the top of the Trip Search. Begin by accessing Concur via your campus portal.Concur profile updates required for booking travel Prior to booking travel through Concur, the system is requiring travelers to update their profile information. This includes phone numbers and home address (so mileage can be calculated correctly). Make sure you update your profile regularly to avoid any delays with booking.

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The updated mileage rate is available in Concur and on the Accounts Payable Mileage Rates webpage. When entering mileage in your Concur Expense Report, please ensure you are including the correct Transaction Date in the Mileage Form. Booking Hotels through Concur. A UA P-Card is required to book a hotel in Concur. 12. Can group travel be booked through Concur? Group travel should be booked through an agent and not through Concur. 13. If my trip is booked through an agent will it still show up in the “upcoming trips” tab in Concur? Your trip will show up in the “upcoming trips” tab if you book your reservations through an agent. 14.The Travel tab is used if you would like to book your flights, car rental, hotel, or train through Concur. Your travel request has to be approved prior to booking travel segments through Concur. Make sure you have your approved Travel Request ID and chart field string available as that information will need to be entered to purchase airfare ...Apr 20, 2020 · ITS does not provide any support for CTP. Travel Booking and Support. 877-804-3688 (International: 402-252-4404) or [email protected]. This includes questions about the portal, profile and Lightning (the online booking tool) U-M Travel Policy Questions. (734) 764-8212, option 2 or the SSC Travel & Expense General Inquiry eForm. Concur integrates expense reporting with a complete travel booking solution. This comprehensive Web-based service provides all of the tools you need to book travel as well as create and submit expense reports. ... Illustrated step-by-step instructions on booking travel through Concur. User Guide Expense QuickStart Guide. Illustrated step-by ...About this Service. Government travelers can make their business travel reservations for airline tickets, car rentals, and hotel accommodations through our online booking tool Concur or through the state's only authorized travel agency, CalTravelStore. This one-stop shop solution allows travelers to use the most economical rates available via ... Now - if you want - you can go back to the Concur home page and book a rental car or a hotel. Just remember: If you're going to a conference, you may need to book your hotel through the conference website. Otherwise, if you're booking a hotel through Concur, remember to save your Travel Card information in your Concur profile first.In SAP Concur, those with the required permissions to book for a traveler without a profile are able to do so quite easily. NOTE: Guests are typically not an employee, as all employees should have a profile. Simply, select the Book for a guest link in the "Trip Search" section: You will know that you are now ready to book for a guest when the traveler icon display has two people:24/7 assistance – If travel is booked through Concur or via phone with AAA Corporate Travel, Purdue travelers have access to complimentary emergency travel support 24/7/365. Charges will apply for non-emergency after-hours and holiday assistance. ... For more information on booking travel and expense reporting, please visit the Booking and now enables travellers to gain instant access to the largest accommodation marketplace in the world through Concur. Get world class 24/7 customer support in 43 languages, flexible cancellation policies and exclusive discounts. While giving travel managers a better insight into the bookings made on the Travel Policy for Your Agency Before booking new reservations or creating an authorization, review the travel policies from GSA. Contact the travel administrator with any questions. To review the agency’s policy: From the ConcurGov Home screen, click the Travel Policy link located on the bottom left of the screen.To cancel a flight: When logged into the desktop version of Concur, click Travel at the top of the screen. From the Travel homescreen, click the Upcoming Trips tab. Click the trip name (it will be a hyperlink). Your itinerary will open. Find the flight that needs to be canceled. Click Cancel which appears on the right-hand side of the screen.To access the portal, go to the booking platform at or login to your Chase Ultimate Rewards account and go to your Chase credit card's main dashboard. Next, click on the "Earn/Use" button where the number of points you have is listed. Choose "Travel" from the options listed, and this will take you to the travel portal.Arranging Travel: Book with World Travel. Travelers are encouraged to book travel through Concur/World Travel to assist with compliance, benefit from university pricing discounts, and have 24/7 single-point-of-contact support. Learn more in the World Travel Booking session. NOTE:15 Mar 2022 ... You can update your Travel Settings, including travel preferences for upcoming trips, and add an assistant to help you book your travel. To ...Receipts for air tickets booked in Concur Travel or offline with an agent if configured as described in this guide. NOT in This Guide E-Receipt Coverage Document The E-Receipt Coverage document provides details (like specific hotel properties) for all e-receipt suppliers, including those from Concur Travel, Concur's Platform, and TripLink.1. Navigate to Concur located at the Travel weEmployees and students must book air travel t Aug 5, 2022 · Booking Travel King County’s contracted travel agency is embedded in the Concur Travel module. Therefore, travel can be booked in the system once the travel request is fully approved in Concur. Please view the additional requirements in the Personal Travel section of this guide if adding personal travel to a business trip. Contracted Travel ... MelanieT. SAP Concur Employee. 2 hours ago. The best and cheapest option for you would be to book your travels through Concur and then book your companion’s directly on the airline website. Can Consultation Presidents still book travel? A- Yes, they are able to request travel directly online via Concur Booking, and their request will be routed to Finance for approval. This is similar ... FedRooms rates are available through the preferred government booki

Apr 6, 2023 · If you decide to proceed with booking your trip, we strongly recommend that all University travel is booked through Concur or our travel management company, Anthony Travel, using the University-sponsored Travel card. Booking travel through Concur or with Anthony Travel provides UConn with the greatest opportunity to exchange a non-refundable ... Overview. • Book Online Using the Concur website. • Booking Flights. • Booking A Car Rental. • Booking A Hotel. • Booking A Train Ticket. • Travel Details.•All frequent traveler miles and hotel rewards are still earned by traveler •Add reward numbers to Concur profile •Exceptions to booking through Concur/Anthony Travel for hotels: •Conferences •Airbnb •All itineraries for conferences or Airbnb should be forwarded to [email protected] 4Log in with your username and password to access the Concur Solutions website. You can book this airfare using the Concur Travel & Expense System. There is no service fee when booking airfare in Concur. You also have the option to book trips through Christopherson Business Travel (CBT), and we encourage you to work with CBT on complex (multi-leg) international trips. When you book through a CBT agent, a $20 booking fee ...

Learn how to book your Flight, Rental Car, and Hotel all in one place with Concur.Gumbiner Savett Inc. 2006 - Jan 201610 years. Santa Monica, California. Support the Firm’s Chairman, as well as the Executive Vice President – main liaison to the firm’s rainmaker with a ...…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. In SAP Concur, those with the required permissions t. Possible cause: Concur is a user-friendly web-based travel and expense system that integrates the trav.

FedRooms rates are available through the preferred government booking channels: E-Gov Travel Service 2 (ConcurGov and E2), the Defense Booking Tools, (when permissible by your agency), or your agency's Travel Management Company. Ensure you choose a FedRooms rate in your agency’s online booking tool, …Airfare is purchased through one of the UO contract travel agencies. Upload a copy of the PSC to the airfare authorization. Lodging is paid directly to the hotel up to applicable per diem plus tax. ... Book air using either the booking tool (see Concur Step-by-Step for Booking Guest travel in the Booking Tool) or contacting your TMC. You will ...When a travel booking is submitted through CTP/Concur, it routes to the traveler’s HR supervisor, as defined in a daily direct Workday feed, to review and/or approve the travel. The HR supervisor/travel approver has the ability within Concur to manually delegate their travel approval authority as needed.

By integrating Concur Travel, Concur Expense, partner apps, and other resources, you can create a single, digital process that keeps employees safe, reduces costs, and can adapt to changing business priorities. Automatically capture and process travel spending. See travel data and details in one place. Consolidate travel details into one itinerary.12. Can group travel be booked through Concur? Group travel should be booked through an agent and not through Concur. 13. If my trip is booked through an agent will it still show up in the “upcoming trips” tab in Concur? Your trip will show up in the “upcoming trips” tab if you book your reservations through an agent. 14.

When your travel is to a remote location and it is not possible If I remember correctly, Concur lets you add your rewards number when you book travel. I earned tons of Southwest and Marriott points when I traveled for work a few years ago. Friendly_Reality • 2 yr. ago. When I check in to hotels that I have booked with Concur I will give the front desk my membership information and generally I get credit ... You will need to 1) submit a Travel Request prior to booking travelThough it is my preference to always book travel with the airli SAP Concur solutions can support your travel programme no matter the size of your organisation. With everything booked and managed from one travel management solution, with your travel policy and suppliers built in, you will be ready for the new world of business travel. Gain complete visibility into travel & spend data.Well, the 5x bonus is only airfare, so, for Delta / airfare — yes, for Hilton / hotel — not so much; unless you do go for one of the AmEx Offers; or book with AmExTravel. This is the right answer. I also travel monthly for work and use concur for booking. I get 5x rewards no problem on flights. Not on hotels I book through concur. When planning your next vacation, you may be tempted to book everythi If a traveler’s airfare is not booked through My ASU Trip or directly with Anthony Travel, The traveler or delegate must manually enter the flight and hotel itinerary for international travel in Concur immediately after booking the airfare or hotel so the university may fulfill its duty of care responsibility to ASU travelers.Looking to save money on your next flight? Check out these tips! We’ve rounded up a variety of travel secrets that can help you spend less and enjoy your trip more. By following these simple steps, you can get your ticket for a more afforda... 9 Ara 2019 ... Booking a Flight. 1. Sign into SAP 12. Can group travel be booked through ConcurConferma App: if lodging reservations are b About this Service. Government travelers can make their business travel reservations for airline tickets, car rentals, and hotel accommodations through our online booking tool Concur or through the state's only authorized travel agency, CalTravelStore. This one-stop shop solution allows travelers to use the most economical rates available via ... Currently, a $10 fee is charged for online travel bookings through the Southwest Airlines can be booked through Concur directly. If you book a flight with Southwest Airlines, any flight changes must be done directly with Southwest Airlines, not with CTP. Electronic booking using Concur should be the first option for booking domestic and non-complex international flights. Complex International travel is defined as ... 1 Instructions for Creating a Concur Profile Please note that these instructions provide the minimum information needed in order to set up a profile in Concur. While inputting the required information is enough to allow you to make travel arrangements through the Concur website, you will likely find that it is beneficial to complete additional … recommended to book travel (airfare, hotel and Car rental r[24-hour customer service for our travelers through our 1. The steps for booking travel for a guest are similar to booking The link below is our one page at-a-glance Concur guide that addresses the most common questions regarding Concur expense reports: Concur One-Page Guide. If the guide does not answer your questions, please see the below links for additional troubleshooting: Click on any of these links below for step by step tutorials. Book travel through Concur Apr 1, 2023 · Travelers are also encouraged to use Concur and the designated TMC to book lodging, rental car, and rail services. Booking travel through Concur and the TMC provides the University with the information necessary to meet its duty-of-care obligations (i.e., to render assistance, as appropriate, to the traveler while traveling).